Terms & Conditions
All the terms and conditions for the store.

Last updated February 15, 2022

Made By Her, Inc. provides a marketing and sales platform for female artists. Made By Her, Inc. provides this service under the following terms:


We at Made By Her want to provide you with a beautiful website and beautiful handmade items to purchase from talented female artists and artisans. We screen each of our sellers by asking for photos of their work and we ask that everyone, both buyers and sellers, be genuine and considerate in their actions while using our site. We ask that everyone has integrity, is respectful to one another, and know that we are all here because of our love of art, creativity, and making. We vow to treat all of our buyers and sellers with respect and we ask that you do the same for us.


Made By Her does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. We are here to support talented female makers. If you are not approved, it will only be because your work or photos do not meet our selling standards; it will have nothing to do with the color of your skin, where you come from, your political preference, or who you love. If you are a skilled artist, we want to hear from you and we expect everyone to respect one another.


All photos and descriptions of products are provided by the selling artists; Made By Her is not responsible for any information that is inaccurate or does not adequately represent the item for sale. We ask all of our sellers to accurately describe their work and but if you receive an item and do not feel it was accurately described, please notify Made By Her through our contact page and we will perform a further investigation.

*For Artists: if we receive more than 2 complaints that your items are not of high quality or that they are not accurately described on your selling page, your account will be suspended for one month and you will need to prove steps have been taken to correct the issue in order to have your work re-listed.

**Cross Marketing Photos: we request that sellers do not use photos (either for their logo, banner image, profile picture, or product photos) that market their own personal website if you are signed up for our Commission-Only membership plan. While we want to promote female artists as much as we can, but if you are sending customers away from our platform, we cannot continue to support as many artists as we can. If we see that anyone on our Commission-Only membership plan is promoting their own website, the photos will either be removed by our team or the seller will be asked to leave. We want to be fair with everyone and we ask that you do the same.


We want to protect our artists’ intellectual property and photos. If you think your intellectual property rights are being breached, please contact Made By Her through our Contact Page and we will discuss further with you.


By signing up as a seller within our online marketplace, any photos you put up on your public online booth (including your profile photo, logo, or any product listing photos) may be used for marketing purposes by our team. These marketing ads may be posted to social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), on our website to feature certain categories, or in our Google Ads. Made By Her will be the only party able to use these photos, we will not give them out to anyone else to use and, if you do not wish to have your photos used, please write to us at support@madebyher.com and we will add you to a DO NOT USE list.

By listing products within our online marketplace, you allow Made By Her staff to edit any photos you use in your listing including cropping, minor light adjustment, and rearrangement of photos if we feel another product photo would better represent the item listed. This will only happen on rare occasion as all artists must submit their product photos when they apply to sell with us; however, if we feel a photo at a later date is listed but does not best represent the work or the marketplace itself, it may be edited by our team.

Effective February 15, 2022, Made By Her now partners with the Artroom app and we can now apply images of paintings and other wall art to portray your work in a digitally modified room so as to give customers a better idea of what your work would look like in their space. If we feel one of these images would benefit your product listing, we may use your listing photo and apply it to one of Artroom's pre-existing rooms and add the image to your product listing. If you do not wish to have you photos used for this enhancement service, please write to us at support@madebyher.com and we will add you to a DO NOT USE list.

*These terms are only meant to enhance your product listings and the marketplace presentation. Watermarks or brand logos will never be removed from a product photo.


Made By Her account holders will have the ability to leave comments, reviews, or feedback of products either sold or provided by Made By Her so long as there is nothing threatening, obscene, or illegal in their remarks. It is only account holders who will have the ability to leave remarks in order for Made By Her to make sure everything stays respectful and no one may create false email addresses to create fictitious accounts.


Each seller will have their own Return & Refund Policy. Items may be returned if approved by the selling artist and agreed upon before item is placed back in the mail. Made By Her is not responsible for return shipping if seller decides to accept return from customer.


We will only use the personal information you provide to us in order to send you information about our own services and products and to notify you of current news of Made By Her. 

*Email - If you wish to unsubscribe from our email communications list, you may do so in each email or you may contact us directly.

**Stripe Payment Account - The information you enter into Stripe is all held confidentially within their system. No one from Made By Her can access your information, it's all encrypted so we can only use it to make payouts to our sellers, not obtain any information about them.

***Personal Data - If you visit our site, your personal data may be obtained and  third parties may place cookies on the browser used by the visitor in order to serve targeted advertising and for measurement and analytics purposes. To opt out, you can decline to have personal data collected via third party tracking technologies by navigating to the settings feature in your browser and declining all third party cookies or declining third party cookies from specific sites, or, for mobile, limiting ad tracking or resetting the advertiser identifier via the privacy settings on your mobile device. We will only collect emails for direct marketing purposes; your information will not be sold.

Your information is being used for our own marketing purposes. Our advertising Partner, NextRoll, Inc., performs a hash of your email address in order to serve targeted advertising to other devices connected to you (via cross-device tracking). By using our website, you acknowledge NextRoll, Inc.’s hashing and cross-device activity. For more information, please see NextRoll’s Privacy Notice. 

- California Visitors: For more information, California Residents section of NextRoll’s Service Privacy Notice



You consent to Made By Her sending you electronic communications and you agree that any agreements, notices, or disclosures provided to you electronically will serve as written notice.


Made By Her is only a marketplace for artists to list and showcase their work, we do not handle returns and shipping questions directly but are happy to help facilitate any communications with our vendors.

As for estimated shipping times, it will vary by product as some items have already been made and others are made to order.

- Already made items should ship within 7 business days*

- Made to order or custom order items could take 2-4 weeks to ship depending on the detail of the order

Please refer to the product page or contact the booth owner to see how long shipping will take if it is not already listed.

If you purchase something from one of our Affiliate Artists, please refer to their own website for shipping terms and conditions. 

(*Note to sellers - if you are in violation of our shipping policy and an order does not ship within 7 days of purchase, and it was not disclosed in your product description at the time of purchase, then the order will be cancelled. If an order is cancelled due to non-responsiveness, your booth will be suspended until we hear from you and confirm you are still selling on our platform. If it happens a second time, Made By Her holds the right to close your online booth permanently.)


You will need an account with Made By Her to access certain services on MadeByHer.com. Within this account, it will be the account holder’s responsibility to keep all payment information up to date and accurate. It will also be the account holder’s responsibility to keep their login information private in order to protect their personal information. All users on the account must be at least 18 years of age. If an account holder is under 18 years of age, they must have a responsible adult present when using the services of MadeByHer.com. Finally, Made By Her reserves the right to terminate, or place on hold, or refuse service to anyone that does not follow the Made By Her Terms & Conditions that are listed on this page. Made By Her also reserves the right to take down any inappropriate content or cancel any orders we deem inappropriate or duplicitous.


Items: Made By Her does not inspect (other than by photo representation), manufacture, or distribute items for sale and does not make guarantees of their safety, legality, or quality. We are a marketplace for buyers; any claim against an item must be taken directly to the seller. If you feel an item violates these terms, please see our Product Descriptions & Photo Representation or Returns & Refunds section above.

Content: Made By Her does is not responsible for any copyright compliance, accuracy of representation, or content decency of items sold on our site. If you feel an item has been misrepresented, please see our Product Descriptions & Photo Representation section above.

Users: If you are upset with a buyer or seller from our site, please contact that buyer/seller directly. Made By Her is released from any demands, claims, and/or disputes occurring between users of the site.


Made By Her does not offer warranties any of the items sold on our site. We regularly monitor reviews of our sellers and, if we find anyone continually getting poor reviews, we will suspend their account until they can prove steps have been taken to remedy the situation but we do not guarantee the quality of an item or their service.


We may change or update our Terms & Conditions at any time. By using our website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and it is the responsibility of the buyers and sellers of Made By Her to be familiar with them.