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  • What is included in my Made By Her Membership?
    Made By Her is still a startup company but a passionate one. We are still growing our customer base so we encourage each of you to read all options for Membership Plans before selecting the right one for YOU. If you plan to use our site for your primary sales channel and will be using it in your main marketing, we suggest you choose one of our annual plans. If you have your own website, or an alternate sales channel, or have higher priced works, we suggest you choose our Commission Only plan (Tier 5) so you can pay as you go and still support Made By Her without the higher cost.

    What we guarantee with any membership plan:
    • Online booth within our marketplace

    • Your products listed on all of our selling channels as well (Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Google)

    • Increased engagement on Instagram because we will like, comment, and share your posts, reels, and stories (as long as they relate to a product that's listed in our online marketplace) when you tag us at @madebyher_marketplace

    • Invite to our Made By Her Seller's Facebook Group where you can share new or current offers with fellow Made By Her sellers and get business support from makers just like you

    • Invite to our (NEW!) Monthly Mastermind session where we offer a round table discussion to help support you in your business from product display feedback, brainstorming on growth opportunities, and more!
    • Customized shipping options

    • Product/syncing capabilities with other platforms including Woocommerce, Etsy, Squarespace, and Shopify so you don't have to spend your time updating every time you get a sale. 

    • Weekly payouts with credit card transaction fees included in our commission rates along with the ability to change membership plans based on your selling needs and comfort. Payouts are done on Wednesdays for the week prior (Monday-Sunday) and funds should reach your account by Friday.

    • Customized SEO assistance that is tailored to your specific shop

    • We are a female-artist-owned marketplace supporting female artists. Made By Her is not just a hosting site but a family of women coming together in an effort to make women's art stand out (with a little ambiance thrown in too). We offer a wide variety of products and are known for our high quality. We care about your business's future and we care about you. If you ever need any assistance during your time with us, you can reach us at, we're here to help in any way we can.

    Membership Tiers:

    NEW! Elite Achiever:
    • $299 $149/year (*Limited time offer!)
    • 5% Commission per sale
    • Unlimited products
    • Personal Coaching to bring your brand and online booth to life
      (Coaching will include 6 one-on-one Zoom sessions with Tiffany to go over how to tell your story as an artist, brand aesthetic, product photo basics, SEO, and how to grow your business.)

    Tier 1:

    • $45.00/yr
    • 5% commission per sale
    • Unlimited products

    Tier 2:

    • $35.00/yr
    • 5% commission per sale
    • 50 product limit

    Commission Only:

    • No monthly fees
    • 9% commission per sale
    • 50 product limit
    • Setup fee of $10 (*This is to get your products set up on our Facebook/Instagram, Google, and Pinterest selling channels)
    • Recommended for Painting artists or artists with higher priced items
    Remember... traffic, sales, and customers in general will go wherever you're the most focused. If you have all of your marketing being directed to a personal website, or somewhere other than Made By Her, your sales will not be as high with us. The more you direct people to our platform, the more sales you will get, and the more we can create a community of truly inspired and empowered women working together to support one another.

    **While we cannot always guarantee sales, we do guarantee value or we’ll give you your money back**
  • What do I do first when getting set up?

    Welcome to the Made By Her family! Here are a few steps to get you started:

    1. Select your Membership Plan

    2. Set up your Stripe Payment account through Orders > Stripe Connect Config (*This will be required for payouts when you get a sale)

    3. Set up your online booth, upload your Seller Profile Photo, Seller Shop Logo, give a Short Store Description, share your story with customers in the Detailed Store Description (how you got started, what inspires you the most, any special meaning behind your business name, etc.)

    4. Set up shipping and select Default Shipping Method (you can use our Shipping Tutorial for help)

    5. Add products! (*We have a full tutorial for this also listed in our Shop FAQ)

    - Add your Made By Her booth link to your social media
    - Add your Made By Her booth link to your email signature
    - Share on social media that you're now part of the Made By Her family! (We'll give you a shoutout back!)
    - Follow us on Instagram (if you aren't already!) @madebyher_marketplace
    - Follow us on Facebook (if you haven't already!) @madebyhermarketplace
    - Join our Facebook Sellers Group where we announce new artists and sellers can announce new products
    - Spread the word about our marketplace with your friends and family and help support your fellow female artists!

  • What should I include in my Seller/Product Policy
    This is where you will list your estimated shipping times along with your return/refund policy.
  • How do I add a product?

    Where to go to Add a Product:

    On Desktop:

    Products Tab > Products Listing > Add Product

    (*A Default Shipping Method will need to be in place before "Add Product" button will appear. To do this, go to Configuration > Shipping Methods > Click 3 dots next to method you want as default and click "Select as Default")

    On Mobile:

    (Use three lines menu in upper right)
    Products > Products Listing > Add Product

    (*A Default Shipping Method will need to be in place before "Add Product" button will appear. To do this, go to Configuration > Shipping Methods > Click 3 dots next to method you want as default and click "Select as Default")

    Product Listing Page Explained Step-By-Step:

    - Choose Product: all products will be considered a "Normal Product"

    - Product Name: this will be what shows up as the product listing title

    - Product Type: please choose from the list of preset Product Types we have available (this is so we get better SEO with Shopify). To see the full list, click on "View Type Listing". Then, once you've found the best fit for your product, go back to the product listing page and start typing it in; it will then show up in the drop down menu and you can select it from there.
    * If you simply click the drop down menu, it will only show you a limited version of the list, not all the ones available.
    ** Also, if you do not see one that fits for your product, please email us at and we can look to see if Shopify has one that does.

    - Product Descriptions: please include in your product descriptions your estimated shipping time, return policy, and any other policies you have for customers. It is also best if you list main qualities of your piece within the first line of your description; this helps with SEO. (For example: 30 x 30 inch Oil Painting on Canvas)

    - Product Tags: when adding product tags, you will need to type in the tag then hit "enter". This will create one tag, then you can do the same for any others you want to create. (You do not need quotations around the tag, just the word/phrase you want to use.) If you try to put a comma in between each one then hit "enter" at the end, it will recognize everything as one tag.

    - Shipping: IF YOU DO NOT SET UP SHIPPING FOR YOUR PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS CANNOT COMPLETE THEIR PURCHASES. Whether you manually input your products or import them, a Shipping Method must be selected for every product otherwise the customer will get an error message at checkout. (*Be sure to check the box that says "Requires Shipping" otherwise the customer will not be asked to input their shipping address.) You can read more about this in our Shipping Tutorial.

    - Pricing Details: the "Price" is what you want the item listed for. the "Compare At Price" is if the product usually costs more and you've listed it on sale. (For example, if an item is usually $100 but you are listing the product for $75, you would put $100 in the "Compare At Price" box and $75 in the "Price" box.)

    - Adding Variant(s):

    Select what type of Variant you want to create under "Option Name" (for example: Size)

    Type what the different variables are under "Option Value" (for example: "Small" and "Large")
    *If using a Desktop, hit Return/Enter after each Option Value entered
    *If using a Mobile Device, hit Go or tap outside the Option Value box after each Option Value is entered
    (Pricing can be changed later)

    Click Save (at the bottom)

    The price for ALL variables will default to the price entered in the initial "Price" content box. If you want to make it so different variables have different prices, go back to the Variants section and click Edit where you want to change the price. You can then enter the price you want to set for that Variant. 

    Click Save again.

    **Special Note - Saving Data: The product listing details area, while on the same page, is different than the area where you upload your Profile Photo and Logo. If you edit information on the Product Listing Details side, be sure to click Save before uploading a photo. If you try to add photos right after changing any product listing details, your information may be lost.

    - Image Size - please try to make all images .JPEG format with a pixel size of about 1000 x 1000. If you need to compress your photos, this can either be done with the photo editor on your computer or you can CLICK HERE to do it online. (*This greatly improves our website speed if images are this size and not larger.)

    - Collections: You must select at least one Collection your product falls within. Please select the least number of sub-categories as possible so as not to cause crowding in the marketplace for our customers. 

    > Other Arts and Other Unique Finds - Every item in the marketplace could technically fit within these options; however, they were ONLY created for items that do not fit within other Collections. 

    Example 1: If your product fits within the main Ceramics collection (under any sub-category), please do not select "Other Unique Finds" as well for your product already has a Collection it fits within.

    Example 2: If you product fits within of the other Other Arts sub-categories (such as Glasswork or Woodwork), you would not need to select "Other Unique Finds" because your product already has a Sub Category it fits within.

    - Product Handle: you can leave this blank, the product title will automatically be used for this

    - Title Tag Meta Field - the title of your product page if it were to come up in a Google Search. We recommend using: "[Short Product Title], by [Shop Name] | Made By Her"

    - Description Tag Meta Field - the description of your product if it were to come up in a Google Search. We recommend a brief, to the point description of your product so, if someone is just browsing, they know what it is just by reading the brief description.

    - Choose HSN Code - this field is not required, you can ignore this for now

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

  • How do I set up shipping?
    Please read our blog to learn How to Set Up Shipping
  • How do I sync products from my Shopify store?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Shopify Listings with Made By Her
  • How do I sync products from my Etsy shop?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Etsy Listings with Made By Her
  • How do I sync products from my Woocommerce Shop?
  • How can I bulk edit products to add product tags?

    Product Update by CSV

    Now, the admin/sellers can edit products in bulk. All you have to do is visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Products > Product Listing > More Actions Add product via CSV


    In method 1, you just need to upload the updated/edited CSV file. Make sure in the CSV file that you are uploading, the Product IDs are the same as that of the existing products you are trying to update. If the product IDs don’t match, the existing products will not be updated and new products will be created.

  • Does Made By Her send out 1099 tax forms?
    If a seller receives more than $600 (updated for the 2021 tax year) in payouts, they will receive a 1099-K tax form from Made By Her, Inc.
  • Do I need to charge sales tax? (U.S. Only)
    Please visit our blog to have US Taxes Explained
  • What are the latest updates and features from Made By Her?

    Updates Log

    SHOPIFY SYNC (Updated January 2023)

    If you sync your listings between Made By Her and Shopify, there are two things you will need to do in order for these to continue to function:

    1) Confirm your permissions are as follows within the Made By Her App that you would have created within Shopify:

    Assigned fulfillment orders (Read and write)
    # write_assigned_fulfillment_orders, read_assigned_fulfillment_orders

    Fulfillment services (Read and write)
    # read_fulfillments, write_fulfillments

    Inventory (Read and write)
    # read_inventory, write_inventory

    Locations (Read Access)
    # read_locations

    Order Editing (Read and write)
    # read_orders, write_orders

    2) Make sure the Webhooks Version in your Made By Her custom app in Shopify is set to 2022-07

    3) Navigate to your Made By Her Seller's Dashboard > Configuration > Seller Sync App Configuration > Scroll down to where it says "Sales Channel" and enable this option. Once you've done so, you should be able to sync your listings.

    If you need further assistance, here is a link to the updated tutorial, How to Sync Shopify Listings with Made By Her.

    (Updated January 2023)

    I have, unfortunately, confirmed that Etsy has limited accessibility to new custom apps being linked with our marketplace so we will no longer be able to allow product syncing for new members. Anyone who is already synced with Etsy should not have any issues.

    *If you are a new member who signed up specifically wanting to sync with Etsy and would like to cancel your membership, please reach out to me and I can refund your payment.

    MADE BY HER ARTISAN COACHING (Added December 2022)

    The new Made By Her Artisan Coaching platform is HERE and, as a gift to all sellers listing in the marketplace as of December 31, 2022 for being a part of this platform as we continue to grow, I offer this to you at no cost. If you were a paying/selling artist within the marketplace before December 31, 2022 and you happened to miss the email with the coupon code, please email me at and I would be happy to give it to you.


    I've just added a BUNCH of new collections that you can sort your products into along with adding a new sort feature within the marketplace. With these changes, customers can now search more specifically for what they're looking for instead of only alphabetically by product name or price.

    CUSTOMER WISHLIST (Added November 2022)

    Customers can now create a Wishlist (or 2 or 3) within the Made By Her Marketplace and then send it to their friends and family for upcoming special holidays for gift ideas!

  • What are the Terms & Conditions of selling with Made By Her?

    Last updated July 5, 2022

    Made By Her, Inc. provides a marketing and sales platform for female artists. Made By Her, Inc. provides this service under the following terms:


    We at Made By Her want to provide you with a beautiful website and beautiful handmade items to purchase from talented female artists and artisans. We screen each of our sellers by asking for photos of their work and we ask that everyone, both buyers and sellers, be genuine and considerate in their actions while using our site. We ask that everyone has integrity, is respectful to one another, and know that we are all here because of our love of art, creativity, and making. We vow to treat all of our buyers and sellers with respect and we ask that you do the same for us.


    Made By Her does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. We are here to support talented female makers. If you are not approved, it will only be because your work or photos do not meet our selling standards; it will have nothing to do with the color of your skin, where you come from, your political preference, or who you love. If you are a skilled artist, we want to hear from you and we expect everyone to respect one another.


    All photos and descriptions of products are provided by the selling artists; Made By Her is not responsible for any information that is inaccurate or does not adequately represent the item for sale. We ask all of our sellers to accurately describe their work and take original photos of their products but if you receive an item and do not feel it was accurately described, please notify Made By Her through our contact page and we will perform a further investigation. Shipping estimates will also need to be listed in the product description.

    *For Artists: if we receive more than 3 complaints that your items are not of high quality or that they are not accurately described on your selling page, your account will be suspended for one month and you will need to prove steps have been taken to correct the issue in order to have your work re-listed.


    We want to protect all artists’ intellectual property and photos. Artists on our platform must use original photos that they have full rights to use. If an artist is found to be using images stolen from an outside source and claiming them to be their own, they will no longer be allowed to sell within our marketplace. If you think your intellectual property rights are being breached, please contact Made By Her through our Contact Page and we will discuss further with you. 


    By signing up as a seller within our online marketplace, any photos you put up on your public online booth (including your profile photo, logo, or any product listing photos) may be used for marketing purposes by our team. These marketing ads may be posted to social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), on our website to feature certain categories, or in our Google Ads. Made By Her will be the only party able to use these photos, we will not give them out to anyone else to use and, if you do not wish to have your photos used, please write to us at and we will add you to a DO NOT USE list.

    By listing products within our online marketplace, you allow Made By Her staff to edit any photos you use in your listing including cropping, minor light adjustment, and rearrangement of photos if we feel another product photo would better represent the item listed. This will only happen on rare occasion as all artists must submit their product photos when they apply to sell with us; however, if we feel a photo at a later date is listed but does not best represent the work or the marketplace itself, it may be edited by our team.

    Effective February 15, 2022, Made By Her now partners with the Artroom app and we can now apply images of paintings and other wall art to portray your work in a digitally modified room so as to give customers a better idea of what your work would look like in their space. If we feel one of these images would benefit your product listing, we may use your listing photo and apply it to one of Artroom's pre-existing rooms and add the image to your product listing. If you do not wish to have you photos used for this enhancement service, please write to us at and we will add you to a DO NOT USE list.

    *These terms are only meant to enhance your product listings and the marketplace presentation. Watermarks or brand logos will never be removed from a product photo.


    Made By Her account holders will have the ability to leave comments, reviews, or feedback of products either sold or provided by Made By Her so long as there is nothing threatening, obscene, or illegal in their remarks. It is only account holders who will have the ability to leave remarks in order for Made By Her to make sure everything stays respectful and no one may create false email addresses to create fictitious accounts.


    As a company that prides itself on the high quality of work sold within our online marketplace, as of July 11, 2022, Made By Her will be giving customers a Product Satisfaction Guarantee. What this means is, we are guaranteeing the customer will love the item they purchased and, if they don't, they can either return the item or exchange it for something different. However, we still want to respect the policies created by our sellers so, if you do not accept returns or do exchanges, Made By Her will accept the item back on your behalf and the item will go into a collection of pieces we sell at any in-person events we attend as a brand promoting the site. Here are the details:

    If a customer contacts us and is not satisfied with their product, we will contact the seller first to see which of the following options they prefer:
    1) Customer can return the item to the seller (customer will be responsible for return shipping costs) and get their money back (if the seller has already been paid out, we would reverse the transaction for that particular item)
    2) Customer can exchange the item by returning it to the seller (customer will be responsible for return shipping costs) and seller will send back something to replace the unwanted item (seller keeps the payout for the product)
    3) If the seller does not accept returns or exchanges, Made By Her will accept the item back on their behalf (seller keeps the payout for the product), and the item will get added to our event collection which will be sold by us at any in-person event and we will keep any payments received for the item sold in person.

    **There will be limitations to the above return options. If a seller does not accept returns but customers want to return more than 3 orders from their booth within one year's time, OR the return item amount exceeds $500, and the seller still does not want to accept returns at that time, they will unfortunately be unable to sell within our marketplace anymore unless they start accepting returns.


    We will only use the personal information you provide to us in order to send you information about our own services and products and to notify you of current news of Made By Her. 

    *Email - If you wish to unsubscribe from our email communications list, you may do so in each email or you may contact us directly.

    **Stripe Payment Account - The information you enter into Stripe is all held confidentially within their system. No one from Made By Her can access your information, it's all encrypted so we can only use it to make payouts to our sellers, not obtain any information about them.

    ***Personal Data - If you visit our site, your personal data may be obtained and  third parties may place cookies on the browser used by the visitor in order to serve targeted advertising and for measurement and analytics purposes. To opt out, you can decline to have personal data collected via third party tracking technologies by navigating to the settings feature in your browser and declining all third party cookies or declining third party cookies from specific sites, or, for mobile, limiting ad tracking or resetting the advertiser identifier via the privacy settings on your mobile device. We will only collect emails for direct marketing purposes; your information will not be sold.

    Your information is being used for our own marketing purposes. Our advertising Partner, NextRoll, Inc., performs a hash of your email address in order to serve targeted advertising to other devices connected to you (via cross-device tracking). By using our website, you acknowledge NextRoll, Inc.’s hashing and cross-device activity. For more information, please see NextRoll’s Privacy Notice. 

    - California Visitors: For more information, California Residents section of NextRoll’s Service Privacy Notice



    You consent to Made By Her sending you electronic communications and you agree that any agreements, notices, or disclosures provided to you electronically will serve as written notice.


    Made By Her is only a marketplace for artists to list and showcase their work, we do not handle returns and shipping questions directly unless the seller does not accept returns (please refer to our Returns & Refunds section for more detail) but are happy to help facilitate any communications with our vendors.

    As for estimated shipping times, it will vary by product as some items have already been made and others are made to order, but sellers will be required to follow the below shipping time tables:

    - Already made items should ship within 7 business days*

    - Made to order or custom order items could take 2-4 weeks to ship depending on the detail of the order

    Customers will need to refer to the product page or contact the booth owner to see how long shipping will take if it is not already listed. ARTISTS MUST LIST THEIR ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES IN EACH PRODUCT DESCRIPTION so the customer can anticipate how long they will need to wait before making their purchase.

    (*Note to sellers - if you are in violation of our shipping policy and an order does not ship within 7 days of purchase, and it was not disclosed in your product description at the time of purchase, then the order may be cancelled. If an order is cancelled due to non-responsiveness, your booth will be suspended until we hear from you and confirm you are still selling on our platform. If it happens a second time, Made By Her holds the right to close your online booth permanently.)


    You will need an account with Made By Her to access certain services on Within this account, it will be the account holder’s responsibility to keep all payment information up to date and accurate. It will also be the account holder’s responsibility to keep their login information private in order to protect their personal information. All users on the account must be at least 18 years of age. If an account holder is under 18 years of age, they must have a responsible adult present when using the services of Finally, Made By Her reserves the right to terminate, or place on hold, or refuse service to anyone that does not follow the Made By Her Terms & Conditions that are listed on this page. Made By Her also reserves the right to take down any inappropriate content or cancel any orders we deem inappropriate or duplicitous.


    Items: Made By Her does not inspect (other than by photo representation), manufacture, or distribute items for sale and does not make guarantees of their safety, legality, or quality. We are a marketplace for buyers; any claim against an item must be taken directly to the seller. If you feel an item violates these terms, please see our Product Descriptions & Photo Representation or Returns & Refunds section above.

    Content: Made By Her does is not responsible for any copyright compliance, accuracy of representation, or content decency of items sold on our site. If you feel an item has been misrepresented, please see our Product Descriptions & Photo Representation section above.

    Users: If you are upset with a buyer or seller from our site, please contact that buyer/seller directly. Made By Her is released from any demands, claims, and/or disputes occurring between users of the site.


    Made By Her does not offer warranties any of the items sold on our site. We regularly monitor reviews of our sellers and, if we find anyone continually getting poor reviews, we will suspend their account until they can prove steps have been taken to remedy the situation but we do not guarantee the quality of an item or their service.


    We may change or update our Terms & Conditions at any time. By using our website, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and it is the responsibility of the buyers and sellers of Made By Her to be familiar with them.

  • Does Made By Her help with inventory management?
    While we can help you keep track of your product inventory numbers, we recommend trying Inventora for your material inventory management system. 

    Inventora is an all-in-one inventory system for makers and manufacturers. They help streamline the process of managing raw materials through production and fulfillment for your business and they have given Made By Her sellers a special coupon code to get 20% off their annual plan!

    Just use coupon code "MBH20" at checkout!

    Visit today to learn more!