Please enable atleast one shipping method.

Please add Store name , Country , State , Description . Until then You are not allowed to Add product.

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  • What is the password to access the website (Beta Testers Only)
    Password is: madebyher2
  • What should I include in my Product Policy
    This is where you will list your estimated shipping times along with your return/refund policy.
  • How do I sync products from my Etsy shop?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Etsy Listings with Made By Her
  • How do I sync products from my Shopify store?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Shopify Listings with Made By Her
  • Do I need to charge sales tax? (U.S. Only)
    Please visit our blog to have US Taxes Explained
  • How do I set up shipping?
    Please read our blog to learn How to Set Up Shipping
  • How do I sync products from my Woocommerce Shop?
  • How do I add a product?

    Where to go to Add a Product:

    On Desktop:

    Products Tab > Products Listing > Add Product

    On Mobile:

    (Use three lines menu in upper right)
    Products > Products Listing > Add Product

    Things to Note:

    - Saving Data: The product listing details area, while on the same page, is different than the area where you upload your Profile Photo and Logo. If you edit information on the Product Listing Details side, be sure to click Save before uploading a photo. If you try to add photos right after changing any product listing details, your information may be lost.

    - Product Type: you will need to choose from the list provided. If you do not see an option that fits your product, please email us at and we will try to add one for you. (*All Product Types are preselected by Shopify so we can only choose from the list they have in their system; we cannot create our own.)

    - Collections: You must select at least one Collection your product falls within. Please select the least number of sub-categories as possible so as not to cause crowding in the marketplace for our customers. 

    > Other Arts and Other Unique Finds - Every item in the marketplace could technically fit within these options; however, they were ONLY created for items that do not fit within other Collections. 

    Example 1: If your product fits within the main Ceramics collection (under any sub-category), please do not select "Other Unique Finds" as well for your product already has a Collection it fits within.

    Example 2: If you product fits within of the other Other Arts sub-categories (such as Glasswork or Woodwork), you would not need to select "Other Unique Finds" because your product already has a Sub Category it fits within.

    - Shipping - IF YOU DO NOT SET UP SHIPPING FOR YOUR PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS CANNOT COMPLETE THEIR PURCHASES. Whether you manually input your products or import them, a Shipping Method must be selected for every product otherwise the customer will get an error message at checkout.

    - Product Descriptions - please include in your product descriptions your estimated shipping time, return policy, and any other policies you have for customers.

    Adding Variant(s):

    To create a Variant, scroll down to Variant Details and select "Add Variant"

    Select what type of Variant you want to create under "Option Name" (for example: Size)

    Type what the different variables are under "Option Value" (for example: "Small" and "Large")
    *If using a Desktop, hit Return/Enter after each Option Value entered
    *If using a Mobile Device, hit Go or tap outside the Option Value box after each Option Value is entered
    (Pricing can be changed later)

    Click Save (at the bottom)

    The price for ALL variables will default to the price entered in the initial "Price" content box. If you want to make it so different variables have different prices, go back to the Variants section and click Edit where you want to change the price. You can then enter the price you want to set for that Variant. 

    Click Save again.