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  • What is included in my Made By Her Membership?
    Made By Her is still a startup company but a passionate one. We are still growing our customer base so we encourage each of you to read all options for Membership Plans before selecting the right one for YOU. If you plan to use our site for your primary sales channel and will be using it in your main marketing, we suggest you choose one of our monthly or annual plans. If you have your own website, or an alternate sales channel, or have higher priced works, we suggest you choose our Commission Only plan (Tier 5) so you can pay as you go and still support Made By Her without the higher cost.

    What we guarantee with any membership plan:
    • Online booth within our marketplace
    • Your products listed on all of our selling channels as well (Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and Google)

    • Customized shipping options

    • Product/syncing capabilities with other platforms including Woocommerce, Etsy, and Shopify so you don't have to spend your time updating every time you get a sale. 

    • Weekly payouts with credit card transaction fees included in our commission rates along with the ability to change membership plans based on your selling needs and comfort

    • Customized SEO assistance that is tailored to your specific shop

    • We are a female-artist-owned marketplace supporting female artists. Made By Her is not just a hosting site but a family of women coming together in an effort to make women's art stand out (with a little ambiance thrown in too). We offer a wide variety of products and are known for our high quality. We care about your business's future and we care about you. If you ever need any assistance during your time with us, you can reach us at, we're here to help in any way we can.

    Membership Tiers:

    Tier 1:

    • $45.00/yr
    • 5% commission per sale
    • Unlimited products

    Tier 2:

    • $4.50/mo
    • 5% commission per sale
    • Unlimited products

    Tier 3:

    • $35.00/yr
    • 5% commission per sale
    • 50 product limit

    Tier 4:

    • $3.50/mo
    • 5% commission per sale
    • 50 product limit

    Tier 5:

    • No monthly fees
    • 9% commission per sale
    • 50 product limit
    • Setup fee of $10 (*This is to get your products set up on our Facebook/Instagram, Google, and Pinterest selling channels)
    • Recommended for Painting artists or artists with higher priced items
  • What do I do first when getting set up?

    Welcome to the Made By Her family! Here are a few steps to get you started:

    1. Select your Membership Plan

    2. Set up your Stripe Payment account through Orders > Stripe Connect Config (*This will be required for payouts when you get a sale)

    3. Set up your online booth, upload your Seller Profile Photo, Seller Shop Logo, give a Short Store Description, share your story with customers in the Detailed Store Description (how you got started, what inspires you the most, any special meaning behind your business name, etc.)

    4. Add products! (*We have a full tutorial for this also listed in our Shop FAQ)

    - Add your Made By Her booth link to your social media
    - Add your Made By Her booth link to your email signature
    - Share on social media that you're now part of the Made By Her family! (We'll give you a shoutout back!)
    - Follow us on Instagram (if you aren't already!) @madebyher_marketplace
    - Follow us on Facebook (if you haven't already!) @madebyhermarketplace
    - Join our Facebook Sellers Group where we announce new artists and sellers can announce new products
    - Spread the word about our marketplace with your friends and family and help support your fellow female artists!

  • What should I include in my Seller/Product Policy
    This is where you will list your estimated shipping times along with your return/refund policy.
  • How do I add a product?

    Where to go to Add a Product:

    On Desktop:

    Products Tab > Products Listing > Add Product

    On Mobile:

    (Use three lines menu in upper right)
    Products > Products Listing > Add Product

    Product Listing Page Explained Step-By-Step:

    - Choose Product: all products will be considered a "Normal Product"

    - Product Name: this will be what shows up as the product listing title

    - Product Type: please choose from the list of preset Product Types we have available (this is so we get better SEO with Shopify). To see the full list, click on "View Type Listing". Then, once you've found the best fit for your product, go back to the product listing page and start typing it in; it will then show up in the drop down menu and you can select it from there.
    * If you simply click the drop down menu, it will only show you a limited version of the list, not all the ones available.
    ** Also, if you do not see one that fits for your product, please email us at and we can look to see if Shopify has one that does.

    - Product Descriptions: please include in your product descriptions your estimated shipping time, return policy, and any other policies you have for customers. It is also best if you list main qualities of your piece within the first line of your description; this helps with SEO. (For example: 30 x 30 inch Oil Painting on Canvas)

    - Product Tags: when adding product tags, you will need to type in the tag then hit "enter". This will create one tag, then you can do the same for any others you want to create. (You do not need quotations around the tag, just the word/phrase you want to use.) If you try to put a comma in between each one then hit "enter" at the end, it will recognize everything as one tag.

    - Shipping: IF YOU DO NOT SET UP SHIPPING FOR YOUR PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS CANNOT COMPLETE THEIR PURCHASES. Whether you manually input your products or import them, a Shipping Method must be selected for every product otherwise the customer will get an error message at checkout. (*Be sure to check the box that says "Requires Shipping" otherwise the customer will not be asked to input their shipping address.) You can read more about this in our Shipping Tutorial.

    - Pricing Details: the "Price" is what you want the item listed for. the "Compare At Price" is if the product usually costs more and you've listed it on sale. (For example, if an item is usually $100 but you are listing the product for $75, you would put $100 in the "Compare At Price" box and $75 in the "Price" box.)

    - Adding Variant(s):

    Select what type of Variant you want to create under "Option Name" (for example: Size)

    Type what the different variables are under "Option Value" (for example: "Small" and "Large")
    *If using a Desktop, hit Return/Enter after each Option Value entered
    *If using a Mobile Device, hit Go or tap outside the Option Value box after each Option Value is entered
    (Pricing can be changed later)

    Click Save (at the bottom)

    The price for ALL variables will default to the price entered in the initial "Price" content box. If you want to make it so different variables have different prices, go back to the Variants section and click Edit where you want to change the price. You can then enter the price you want to set for that Variant. 

    Click Save again.

    **Special Note - Saving Data: The product listing details area, while on the same page, is different than the area where you upload your Profile Photo and Logo. If you edit information on the Product Listing Details side, be sure to click Save before uploading a photo. If you try to add photos right after changing any product listing details, your information may be lost.

    - Image Size - please try to make all images .JPEG format with a pixel size of about 1000 x 1000. If you need to compress your photos, this can either be done with the photo editor on your computer or you can CLICK HERE to do it online. (*This greatly improves our website speed if images are this size and not larger.)

    - Collections: You must select at least one Collection your product falls within. Please select the least number of sub-categories as possible so as not to cause crowding in the marketplace for our customers. 

    > Other Arts and Other Unique Finds - Every item in the marketplace could technically fit within these options; however, they were ONLY created for items that do not fit within other Collections. 

    Example 1: If your product fits within the main Ceramics collection (under any sub-category), please do not select "Other Unique Finds" as well for your product already has a Collection it fits within.

    Example 2: If you product fits within of the other Other Arts sub-categories (such as Glasswork or Woodwork), you would not need to select "Other Unique Finds" because your product already has a Sub Category it fits within.

    - Product Handle: you can leave this blank, the product title will automatically be used for this

    - Title Tag Meta Field - the title of your product page if it were to come up in a Google Search. We recommend using: "[Short Product Title], by [Shop Name] | Made By Her"

    - Description Tag Meta Field - the description of your product if it were to come up in a Google Search. We recommend a brief, to the point description of your product so, if someone is just browsing, they know what it is just by reading the brief description.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

  • How do I set up shipping?
    Please read our blog to learn How to Set Up Shipping
  • How do I sync products from my Shopify store?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Shopify Listings with Made By Her
  • How do I sync products from my Etsy shop?
    Please visit our blog to learn How to Sync Etsy Listings with Made By Her
  • How do I sync products from my Woocommerce Shop?
  • How can I bulk edit products to add product tags?

    Product Update by CSV

    Now, the admin/sellers can edit products in bulk. All you have to do is visit Multivendor Admin Panel > Products > Product Listing > More Actions Add product via CSV


    In method 1, you just need to upload the updated/edited CSV file. Make sure in the CSV file that you are uploading, the Product IDs are the same as that of the existing products you are trying to update. If the product IDs don’t match, the existing products will not be updated and new products will be created.

  • Does Made By Her send out 1099 tax forms?
    If a seller receives more than $600 (updated for the 2021 tax year) in payouts, they will receive a 1099-K tax form from Made By Her, Inc.
  • Do I need to charge sales tax? (U.S. Only)
    Please visit our blog to have US Taxes Explained